A professional team at your service

Gasec Instalaciones offers at your company or your community of owners, their highly skilled staff, plus a wide range of services and products. Whether professional or personal level we have the service or product you need.

Total Maintenance for communities

Whichever service you need Propiestarios your community take care of it. Specialists in maintenance garages, smoke extraction, fire safety systems, fireplaces, pipe insulation, water conveyance systems and more.

Thermal Insulation

We offer you a wide group of experts on heat insulation and insulation of pipes, ducts and tanks. Due not to expose their need and we will propose a solution.

Sweeping, cleaning of chimneys

We have the most advanced tools on the market for better cleaning of your chimney. Inspection and recording a TV camera for use in fireplaces and drains with a length of 50 meters expandable to 100 meters.

Our Products

We make available a wide range of products where you will find the perfect one for every need.

Air Conditioning